Welcome to Relaxybath

Every bath should be a Relaxybath

Here at Relaxybath we believe that everyone deserves to treat themselves to a little bit of pampering every day.   Our bath bombs do more than just smell nice; by carefully blending different essential oils our products are formulated to be useful as well.  Made here in New Zealand, we have a bath bomb for every need.

Change the way you feel with one of our bath bombs.

Don't you deserve a Relaxybath too?

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Tough day? These bath bombs have been formulated to calm,  relax and chill.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns


 Turn owies, boo-boos and nopes into fading memories with this range.

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From unexpected spills to engine overhauls, there are some things that are made nicer with a proper bath afterwards.

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Something Else

Perhaps something somnolent to help you drift off to sleep?  Maybe moisturising is more your thing?

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New Recipes

What’s happening.

We are expanding our range with new smells and moods

Why we are doing this.

We strive to have something for any mood you may have, or may want.  Our plan has always been to provide everything needed for a nice, relaxing bath.  We can’t provide that all at once, but our expansion planning allows for new products to be developed continuously.

How we are doing this.

As you would expect; we research new blends, tweak them for retail, est and release.

When this is happening.

Continually, but we are having a major push and update over the next two months.

Two Day Lead Times

We are now shipping orders two business days after receiving your order.  We are currently manufacturing our products on a by-demand basis.

Why two days?

Our bath bombs take that long to properly steep and cure.  Shortcuts in production would lead to a product that may not pass our inspections.  We expect the finest products.  So should you.

Why any lead time at all?

We are currently expanding our range.  As such it would be impractical to carry stock of all of our products.  Although bath bombs will be absolutely fine to use up to a year from production, if stored in a cool dark place, the fizz up and work best if used before three months.  Again - expect the finest.

When will you go back to same day shipping?

Fairly soon, once we get a better idea of volumes of our new products.  We will probably keep stocked up on our popular items, and make-to-order on some of our more exotic offerings.

In Brief

We think you should know this.

We are a New Zealand company

Based in Christchurch, on the East coast of the lush South Island.

We're nice people

We think so, anyway, and we hope you will too.

All Inclusive

Our products are for everybody who wants a relaxing bath.